YOU: Super-Charged, Super-Tuned, Super Star

From the clearest, purest vibrations of your soul arises your most enchanting self.

Stand out through the universal language: your presence and your energy.


In a unique package designed for the modern leader ready to step their a fresh new level, the Fresh Reset works on energetic, emotional, and material levels to bring you unparalleled results in personal and professional expansion.

Are you ready for the Era of the Inventor?

Now is the time to snap out of chaos, break free from no-longer-workable molds for life and business and step boldly into the Era of the Inventor. 

Draw from your peripheral edges of visionary insight and bring your ideas into fruition. 

• Connect with the allies of your mission

• Stop getting stuck in “red tape”, permission, and the outcast hallways of infrastructure

• Leverage energy to cut through locks and bend time, space, and decisions to your intentions

• Clear stale and stagnant so that you can invent from the raw ideas, insights, instincts, and desires compelling your soul


Un-crinkle yourself and get ready for your great re-emergence:

• Tame the relentless inner-critic for good

• Snap out of circular patterns of thought that drive worry, anxiety, overwhelm, and tension

• Delete confusing internal messages

• Step from excellence in relation to your peers, into a league completely of your own genius

• Live a life of vibrant fulfillment – each day filled with irresistibly luminous good-cheer and satisfaction!

• Innovate the systems that support your unique circumstances and situations

You already have, and have had, what it takes. Let’s shine at the edges of your ingenuity!

Hi! I’m Cynthia Lou

I work with modern-day inventors, visionaries, and creatives to help them break through societal bounds, energetic blocks, and stale belief systems (even if these beliefs brought success in the past, they may become outdated as soon as success is achieved) so that they can realize, actualize, and express the fullness of their creative potential.


A recovering Type-A, I learned how to let go of hard-edged discipline without losing quality, results, or speed of implementation.


How to keep the thrill and excitement of creating something monumental without burning out while getting plenty of sleep each night.


I rest deeply and with great satisfaction at the quality of my life after years of anxiety, tormented dreams, and losing lots of hair and hope. 


Peace and calm don’t have to mean stagnant and boring.
Peace and calm can be charismatic, energizing, robust, and fertile.


The Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up is a revolutionary way of working that dares to step into the void and create from nothing.

First, the noise is dialed down – energetically, emotionally, tactically. 

The pristine stillness sparks seeds and even complete systems of true innovation – even if you are already a leader in your industry. 

Then, we lay down the energy gridwork, shift the quantum space, and fortify you mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically with softness and grace. 


The Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up stands you squarely in fertile grounds to harness your most optimal abilities.


Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Ups are:

• Part emotional resonance alignment/re-alignment

• Part energy grooming: clearing blocks, creating alignments, freeing constrictions, amplifying clout

• Part spiritual Information gathering

• Part bespoke agility expansion and tactical execution


Book your Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up session call and let’s explore how brilliantly you can shine!


Yes! I want my Energy Glow-Up!