Energy Glow-Ups by Cynthia Lou Free the Artist Within to Live a Rich Life by Design

Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up, a new breakthrough program by skincare and energy innovator Cynthia Lou, shifts people’s minds, emotions, spirits, and skin so that they can embody success, invent from raw ideas, and GLOW.


May 27, 2021, Los Angeles, USA – A new paradigm-shifting program designed to free trapped artists, creators, and inventors has been launched through Cynthia Lou of The Superheroes Corporation. Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up is designed for the modern leader who is ready to shine their innovative ideas in life and business. Lou created this program to help people align with their deepest creativity and express unrivaled success.


The newly launched program is meant to help snap people out of the compressed post-pandemic blues. The Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up is a revolutionary new paradigm designed to free people of the relentless inner critic, fruitlessly circular loops of anxiety, and confusing internal messages so that people can live a life of vibrant fulfillment and deep satisfaction each day.


A recovering Type-A personality, Lou tried all the mindset tools and hacks: mantras, affirmations, meditation, hypnosis, shifting mental models, examining through logic. She also used good old-fashioned discipline and scheduling to make sure she was “taking care of herself” by applying the aforementioned tools. Nothing shifted until she cleared the underlying emotional triggers, traumas, tricks, traps, and twinkling distractions, and aligned her energy field.


“Cynthia Lou is a genie and a genius…in many departments!” – Lia F.

“I remember that day when after just maybe a week or so people started telling me that my skin is glowing.” – Galina S.

“As part of the process for licensing for my pilot’s license, I had to pass certain neurological tests and health metrics. After working with Cynthia I was able to reduce critical stress markers and discontinue my ADHD medication.” – Mike M.


According to Lou, energy hygiene is crucial in this Era of the Inventor. It frees people to invent from raw ideas, insights, instincts, and desires so that they can invent the next expression of their lives. Fresh Reset was created especially for the modern-day inventors who, like herself, found that they could only get so far through rigid logical reasoning. She discovered that adding energy activation, energy grooming and emotional reconditioning could support her client’s expansion into realms of true innovation without losing quality, results, or speed.


As Lou shares, “Art is natural – suffering is man-made. Clear the Three E’s (Energy, Emotions, Excuses) to step into your most aligned creative freedom. Nothing turns heads faster than a well-groomed human – that includes inner, outer, and spiritual grooming. It’s taken my whole life to get here, but I’m happy to say I live in a space of robust, joyful peace while being more active than ever.”

Founded in 2008 by Cynthia Lou in Los Angeles, CA, The Superheroes Corporation is dedicated to awakening and cultivating the unique super powers of today’s modern leaders through energy work, emotional resolution, and life design to unleash their inner Inventors in this Era of Invention. The company believes in truth, authenticity, purity, and true inventiveness as they are today’s richest resources.
Fresh Reset: Energy Glow-Up